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Nov 2015 Werner Schosser finishes his Master thesis. Congratulations, Werner!
Aug 2015 We climb the Säntis in Switzerland as institute excursion. Check out the new group photo!
Jul 2015 Maximn Skripnik receives a stipend through the "Stipendienprogramm der Universität Konstanz nach dem Landesgraduiertenförderungsgesetz (LGFG)". Congratulations, Maxim!
Jun 2015 Work on "Highly Ordered Self-Assembly of Fe4 Single Molecule Magnets on h-BN/Rh(111)" by P. Erler, P. Schmitt, N. Barth, A. Irmler, S. Bouvron, T. Huhn, U. Groth, F. Pauly, L. Gragnaniello, and M. Fonin accepted for publication in Nano Letters!
Apr 2015 Robert Siebler starts his Master thesis on thermoelectric properties of molecular junctions. Welcome, Robert!
Mar 2015 Dinesh Yadav receives stipend of the Carl Zeiss foundation to perform his PhD in the Theory of Nanostructures group. Congratulations, Dinesh!
Feb 2015 Manuscript on "Electric transport properties of surface-anchored metal-organic frameworks and the effect of ferrocene loading" by J. Liu, T. Wächter, A. Irmler, P. G. Weidler, H. Gliemann, F. Pauly, V. Mugnaini, M. Zharnikov, and C. Wöll submitted for publication.
Jan 2015 Manuscript "Quantum thermopower of metallic atomic-size contacts at room temperature" by C. Evangeli, M. Matt, L. Rincón-García, F. Pauly, P. Nielaba, G. Rubio-Bollinger, J. C. Cuevas, and N. Agraït accepted for publication in Nano Letters.
Jan 2015 Simon Lamowski obtains a stipend for 6 months from the International Office to work on an efficient GW quantum transport implementation in the group of Prof. Kristian S. Thygesen at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). Congratulations!


Dec 2014 Christmas and new year break until 07.01.2014. Merry Christmas and a happy new year! Enjoy your holidays!
Dec 2014 Manuscript "First principles calculation of the thermoelectric figure of merit for [2,2]paracyclophane-based single-molecule junctions" by M. Bürkle, T. J. Hellmuth, F. Pauly, and Y. Asai submitted for publication. Here, we compute both electron and phonon linear transport coefficients from density functional theory to obtain a realistic value for the thermoelectric figure of merit of molecular junctions.
Dec 2014 Fabian Pauly is successful in the Junior Professorship Program of the Ministry of Science, Research, and Arts of the state of Baden-Württemberg with his proposal on "Theory of electron and phonon transport at the atomic scale". See here for the link to the accompanying press release (in German).
Nov 2014 Jan Christopher Klöckner finishes his Master thesis. Congratulations, Jan!
Nov 2014 B. Sc. Werner Schosser starts his Master thesis to explore spin-lattice couplings. Much success, Werner!
Oct 2014 M. Sc. Dinesh Yadav arrives from India to work on a PhD entrace project "Ab-initio studies of hot carrier dynamics in two-dimensional materials". Welcome to the group, Dinesh!
Sep 2014 The international workshop "Controlled charge and heat transport at the molecular scale", organized by Colin J. Lambert and Fabian Pauly, takes place in Kontanz from 29.09.14 to 01.10.14.
Sep 2014 Felicitas Hellbach finishes her Bachelor. Congratulations!
Aug 2014 We go canoeing in the river Donau as institute excursion. Check out the new picture under Team.
Jul 2014 Andreas Irmler and Jan Christopher Klöckner participate in the TURBOMOLE developer meeting from July 23 to July 25 at KIT in Karlsruhe.
Jul 2014 Successful application for DFG research grant "Current-induced switching in atomic-scale structures" together with Profs. Peter Nielaba and Elke Scheer.
Jun 2014 Fabian is an invited speaker at the IBM Research Zurich Laboratory.
May 2014 Fabian is invited to speak about his research in Bad Honnef at the 563rd Wilhelm and Else Heraeus-Seminar: Functional Molecules at Surfaces.
Apr 2014 The group gets funding from the "Lehrprogramm für Juniorprofessuren" for improving the teaching at the Universities in Baden-Württemberg.
Apr 2014 New Bachelor student Felicitas Hellbach starts her work on tunable plasmon polaritons in arrays of interacting metallic nanoparticles.
Mar 2014 Jan Christopher Klöckner, Simon Lamowski, Fabian Pauly, Felix Rochau, and Dirk Wiedmann participate in the spring meeting of the German Physical Society (DPG) in Dresden.
Mar 2014 Dirk Wiedmann finishes his master thesis. Congratulations!
Mar 2014 Our group goes skiing in Engelberg, Switzerland. Take a look at the new group photo.
Feb 2014 New Postdoc, Dr. Safa Golrokh Bahoosh, will investigate the interaction of electrons and phonons.
Feb 2014 New PhD student, Simon Lamowski, studies the theory of plasmonic nanostructures.
Jan 2014Work "Heat dissipation and its relation to thermopower in single-molecule junctions by L. A. Zotti, M. Bürkle, F. Pauly, W. Lee, K. Kim, W. Jeong, Y. Asai, P. Reddy, and J. C. Cuevas published in New Journal of Physics.


Dev 2013 Student projects for the lecture "Theoretical and experimental aspects of molecular electronics" now available. (Login required.)
Nov 2013 Robert Goßman joins the group. In his Bachelor thesis he will study quantum interference phenomena in phonon transport.
Nov 2013 Fabian Pauly's application for a PhD position within the "junior professorship program" (Juniorprofessurenprogramm) successful. See here for details.
Oct 2013 Jan-Christopher Klöckner joins the group for his Master thesis to work on thermal transport in molecular junctions.
Oct 2013 Fabian offers a lecture on molecular electronics together with Elke Scheer.
Oct 2013 Manuscript "Influence of vibrations on electron transport through nanoscale contacts" by Marius Bürkle, Janne K. Viljas, Thomas J. Hellmuth, Elke Scheer, Florian Weigend, Gerd Schön, and Fabian Pauly accepted for publication in the special issue of Phys. Status Solidi B "Quantum transport at the molecular scale".
Sep 2013 Fabian is invited as a speaker to a nanoelectronics workshop in Poznań, Poland.
Sep 2013 Article "A current-driven single-atom memory" with Elke Scheer, Juan Carlos Cuevas, and Peter Nielaba published in Nature Nanotechnology.
Our work is highlighted in a News and Views article in Nature Nanotechnology by Sense van der Molen.
Press releases can be found here:
- University of Konstanz (in German).
- Physics World
Aug 2013 Work on "Plasmon-Induced Conductance Enhancement in Single-Molecule Junctions" with Juan Carlos Cuevas and Yoram Selzer published in J. Phys. Chem. Lett.
Jul 2013 Follow-up article to our work that appeared in Nature submitted on theoretical aspects of "Heat dissipation and its relation to thermopower in single-molecule junctions".
Jul 2013 Felix Rochau finishes his Bachelor thesis on thermoelectric properties of long molecular wires.
Jun 2013 Work on "Heat dissipation in atomic-scale junctions" with Pramod Reddy and Juan Carlos Cuevas published in Nature.
You can find various press releases here:
- University of Konstanz (German, English),
- University of Michigan (English),
- Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (Spanish),
or at various other websites including Science Daily or New Scientist.
Jun 2013 Michele Kotiuga from the group of Jeffrey Neaton at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory arrives to work as a visiting scientist on thermoelectric properties of molecular junctions until the end of September.
May 2013 Fabian is invited to Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena for a presentation.
Apr 2013 Seminar on "Physics of Nobel prizes" is starting.
Mar 2013 New Master student, Dirk Wiedmann, joins the group to study spintronics in graphene flakes.
Mar 2013 "A current-driven single-atom memory device" with Juan Carlos Cuevas, Peter Nielaba, and Elke Scheer submitted for publication.
Mar 2013 Fabian is invited as speaker to conferences in Irsee and Bremen.
Feb 2013 Fabian announces seminar on "Physics of Nobel prizes" for the summer term 2013.
Feb 2013 New Bachelor student, Felix Rochau, will start in April 2013.
Jan 2013 New PhD student, Andreas Irmler, will start in March 2013.


Dec 2012 "Heat Dissipation in Atomic-Scale Junctions" with Pramod Reddy and Juan Carlos Cuevas submitted for publication.
Nov 2012 "Plasmon-Induced Conductance Enhancement in Single-Molecule Junctions" with Yoram Selzer and Juan Carlos Cuevas submitted for publication.
Oct 2012 Semester is starting and Fabian offers a seminar on carbon-based electronics.
Sep 2012 Fabian Pauly is starting as a Junior-Professor at the department of physics of the University of Konstanz. His group, called "Theory of Nanostructures", is supported by the Carl Zeiss foundation and the University of Konstanz.