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Theory of Nanostructures Group

Group Profile

The research in this group focuses on

  • Electrical and thermal transport through nanostructures (molecular & carbon-based electronics)
  • Solid state physics and interfaces (organic-inorganic interfaces)
  • Light-matter interactions (excitations & nanoplasmonics)
  • Ab-initio electronic structure theory (density functional theory & beyond)

Please find out more about our latest research activities by taking a look at the publications. You can also visit the team, explore job openings, events, or teaching activities.



June 2017 Fabian Pauly accepts Associate Professorship at Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST).
May 2017 León Martin finishes his Master thesis and continues his PhD in the group.
May 2017 Felicias Hellbach finishes her Master thesis. Congratulations, Felicitas!
Apr 2017 Work "Thermal conductance and thermoelectric figure of merit of C60-based single-molecule junctions: electrons, phonons, and photons" by J. C. Klöckner, R. Siebler, J. C. Cuevas, and F. Pauly submitted for publication.
Apr 2017 Bachelor student Henrik Weyer starts external thesis on optical properties of two-dimensional materials in the group of Prof. Kristian Thygesen at Technical University of Denmark.
Mar 2017 The paper "An electrically actuated molecular toggle switch" that Safa and Fabian worked on togehter with colleagues from Karlsruhe and Basel gets published in Nature Communications.
Feb 2017 Breakthrough work "Quantized thermal transport in single-atom junctions" that Jan and Fabian worked on togehter with colleagues from University of Konstanz (Germany), Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain) and University of Michigan (USA) gets published in Science!


Dec 2016 Merry Christmas and a happy new year!
Nov 2016 Postdoc Dongzhe Li receives prestigous Humboldt Research Fellowship for Postdoctoral Researchers for his proposal related to quantum transport in magnetic nanostructures. Congratulations, Dongzhe!
Nov 2016 Paper "Length dependence of the thermal conductance of alkane-based single-molecule junctions: An ab-initio study" by J. C. Klöckner, M. Bürkle, J. C. Cuevas, and F. Pauly accepted for publication in Phys. Rev. B.
Oct 2016 Lectures start and Fabian lectures "Advanced Quantum Theory and Electrodynamics".
Oct 2016 Daniel Möhrle joins the group for his Master thesis. Welcome and good luck, Daniel!
Sep 2016 Work on "Length dependence of the thermal conductance of alkane-based single-molecule junctions: An ab-initio study" by J. C. Klöckner, M. Bürkle, J. C. Cuevas, and F. Pauly submitted for publication.
Aug 2016 New group foto of our canoeing trip to the Pfahlbauten museum at Lake Constance now available online.
Aug 2016 Jacob Nieswand hands in his Bachelor thesis on heat transport in gold nanostructures. Well done!
Jul 2016 Robert Siebler finishes his Master thesis on thermoelectric properties of metal-fullerene-metal contacts. Congratulations!
Jun 2016 Thematic Series on "Functional Nanostructures" with Fabian Pauly as editor now available online.
May 2016 Guillaume Weick from University of Strasbourg visits the group to finish a common work on "Plasmon polaritons in cubic lattices of spherical metallic nanoparticles" by Simon Lamowski, Felicitas Hellbach, Eros Mariani, Guillaume Weick, and Fabian Pauly.
Apr 2016 Paper on "Identification of the current path for a conductive molecular wire on a tripodal platform" with Prof. M. Mayor and Prof. E. Scheer accepted for publication in Nanoscale.
Apr 2016 Collaborative work "Redox-Active Tetraruthenium Macrocycles Built From Divinylphenylene-Bridged Diruthenium Complexes" with Prof. R. F. Winter from the Department of Chemistry accepted for publication in Chemistry - A European Journal.
Apr 2016 León Martin joins the groupfor his Master thesis. Good luck!
Mar 2016 Jacob Nieswand starts as a Bachelor student. Enjoy the science!
Feb 2016 First publication in 2016: Article "Shot noise of 1,4-benzenedithiol single-molecule junctions" by M. A. Karimi, S. G. Bahoosh, M. Herz, R. Hayakawa, F. Pauly, and E. Scheer accepted for publication in Nano Letters! Good work, Safa! :-)
Feb 2016 Dongzhe Li starts as a postdoc in the group. Much success!
Jan 2016 Two new members start in the group: Werner Schosser (PhD student), Felcitas Hellbach (Master student). Welcome!